Growth Leads to Office Move for Video Redaction & Forensics Specialist.

Category: Company News
Date Published: August 08, 2019

Forensic Solutions Specialists, Best Evidence Technology, the UK’s leading video redaction provider, has now moved from its ground floor office base where it has been situated since late 2009 to a new office on the first floor at St Albans House in Stafford.

Now that our team’s grown, we decided that the office we had just wasn’t big enough, so we’ve moved to a larger one in the same premises – it’s just a floor higher and offers room for significant growth in the coming months.

The new facility will offer much more than just space, our plan is to continue investment in technology / hardware for video redaction workstations and the continued development and growth of our team.

Michael Hartshorne, Founder – Best Evidence Technology.

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