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Banking & Finance.

Explore video redaction services for Banks, Building Societies, Insurance, cash storage and transit. Extra security required.

Our first ever blue chip customer for CCTV redaction was a bank back in 2010. We’ve hidden faces and identities for national banks in England, Scotland and Ireland, along with smaller building societies and independents.

A lot of requests come from subject access requests due to counting questions like cashbag deposits. With our staff able to use their skills to make the masking suitable for each request, we have always managed to securely mask all identities and security procedures while still disclosing enough of the footage so our customers’ customers can be satisfied that they’re getting to see what they need to.

That’s something an algorithm just can’t do, our people really ‘think’ about your footage.

We’ve been trusted with footage from cash storage depots, counting facilities and cash in transit services, a testament to our secure and trusted position.

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