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Forensic Video & Image Enhancement Systems

Forensic enhancement systems allow you to provide consistent results to ensure successful prosecution in court. We offer a wide range industry leading image & video enhancement solutions to help you achieve consistent results to improve the chances of successful prosecution in court.

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Decode, copy and distribute CCTV footage in universal file formats using industry leading cctv replay and conversion tools.

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Image / Video Ballistics

In a confusing world of filters and deep fakes, check photographs for manipulation and prove an image’s provenance.

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Forensic Hardware

Axis, HIK Vision, Honeywell, HP, Dell, Sony, Interview Recording, Configuration / Installation & Enhancement Stations.

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Forensic software produces results that are repeatable, auditable and can be reproduced using a different system or at another time. All our products follow these rules and with video enhancement especially, where does enhancement stop and ‘photoshopping’ begin?
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Enhancing a registration number for instance can be much harder than enhancing a face as if the filters are applied or interpreted wrongly, a mark or other image artifact could easily make a K look more like an X, where the same ‘error’ on a face would never make a nose look like an ear because our brains are so adept with analysis of faces.

Correct playback of CCTV or any video is essential, you could apply any number of image enhancement filters, but if you’re not playing the CCTV format properly in the first place, you’re chasing your own tail.

We don’t just sell forensic enhancement systems to make faces clearer or any other video analysis filters, we’ll show you how to replay your CCTV images properly, ensure any images are genuine and exhibit them in the best possible format, so that a layperson can easily view them, and any expert witness can see how they were produced, so no scientific argument can cast doubt on the evidence.

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