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Explore video redaction services and solutions for police forces, MOD, MOJ, Home Office and other government agencies.
Our founder learned to hide identities in video footage in the 1990s working for Staffordshire Police. Undercover officers filmed during sting operations are the most at risk if their identities are discovered.

Michael was trained by the police, and his methods have been passed down to staff here.

At Best Evidence Technology we supply forensic equipment to 30 Police forces, MOD, MOJ and dozens of similar bodies. With us supplying image enhancement systems, authentication software and forensic services you can be confident that we’ll operate securely and within the law. We’ll help with DSARs and FOI requests.

If you’re considering outsourcing Redaction but want more reassurance, give us a call as we’ll have have existing customers in your force or a neighbouring one.

We have been security checked by the Ministry of Justice.

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