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Our pub customers often have to deal with digital subject access requests from CCTV that shows lots of nooks and crannies where a table in a corner, or behind a column is only picked up by a camera also showing a different area.

We’re very experienced at following your subject through various camera views and crowds on their way to the toilet, bar or food area. It’s a real skill that is learnt over time. It’s not a skill that you can teach facial detection software, as often there isn’t even a face to follow. It’s ‘The tall guy after the one in the white coat’.

We’ll make sure that your data requestor gets the full footage, so they feel you’ve been open with them whilst complying with the law.

Redacting video from nightclubs can involve a lot bodycam footage. While it is harder to hide faces on video like this (as it moves so much) the quality is usually better than CCTV so in other ways it’s easier to redact. When redacting bodycam footage there is often audio present. We can mute, beep over, or garble individual voices just like hiding faces.

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