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Explore video redaction services for shops and other retailers, shopping centres and management companies.
Much like our supermarket customers, retailers have massive footfall and lots of premises.

This leads to very varied requests and a lot of subject access requests relating to CCTV in busy car parks. We hide number plates and as well as faces on CCTV as that’s identifiable data too.

We have a surprising number of medical emergencies in shops (dangerous job shopping) which can mean more careful masking to hide the identities of staff/public who help whilst still leaving the footage clear enough for the data requestor to show healthcare professionals what happened. As an example, we’ve learned that it’s really useful to show the moments immediately preceding a fit or blackout to your doctor, as it helps them diagnose the reason.

Where there’s people, there are criminals. People use CCTV subject access requests to see how their bag or mobile phone was stolen. We know the unmasked footage goes to the police, but the public want to see it for themselves, and we help you to comply with data protection law whilst satisfying your customer, as easily as possible.

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