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Explore video redaction services for our highest footfall customers. Digital Subject Access Requests for every different reason.
Supermarkets receive a lot of subject access requests for their CCTV. These are our most varied customers.

One day we could be hiding faces of staff that a customer wasn’t happy with, then it’ll be a medical emergency, a staff issue in the canteen, endless customer slips and trips, fighting, arguing custody battles, thieving, and lots of car park dinks (and not so ‘dink’s).

Each different back story needs a different style of masking. Our staff communicate directly with you, ensuring that your CCTV footage is redacted in a way that the Data Requestor sees as honest and transparent, but within privacy law.

If you’re a supermarket or other large retailer considering a provider for this service, trust that we have top 5 experience (and top 10s) so we’re used to your procedures and can manage due diligence, NDA’s and demonstrate the systems, insurances and compliance needed to make onboarding as pain free as possible.

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