CCTV Replay.

Struggling to copy and distribute CCTV footage? We can decode, copy and convert your footage into normal video files.
CCTV systems often supply footage that will only play within it’s own player (or worse, it WONT play ). So how do you view the unviewable?

In the 90s this problem was how to decode multiplexed videotapes. In the Noughties it was Digital Video Recorders that didn’t have player software, and in the 2010s pretty much every system will supply a player, it’s just hit and miss if that player will actually work or not!

One player needs the PC’s clock to be set to before 2008 to work!

Lots of players let you view the footage, but not export it – so how do you supply it to your friendly CCTV redaction company?

Some players only play footage located on a CD.

Many players will only play footage located on the same drive as the player software.

Lots of legacy systems only work on Windows XP.

And lots and lots of players are just a bit ….. erm…… “not exhaustively tested”. Navigation issues, only exporting small files, only having access to horrible CODECS that make your picture poorer quality, it’s a minefield.

We supply CCTV conversion tools to our security services, so if you’re supplying us CCTV for redaction we’ll do the conversion for you as part of the service.

If you need to view or convert some awkward footage on it’s own, call us and we’ll be happy to help.

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