Processing evidential CCTV since 2009

Our staff have been working closely with Police and law enforcement agencies since 1994. Everyone we work with is security cleared and we have the cumulative experience of processing thousands of CCTV images for Police use, giving expert evidence in Crown Court, and visits to virtually every force in the UK.

We have many successful installations and will have a reference site near you.

We have a network of colleagues, customers, and friends throughout the industry so if we can’t help you with a particular request, we’re sure to know someone that can.

Our customers include:

Derbyshire Police
Devon and Cornwall Police
Essex Police
Garda Siochana
Gloucestershire Police
Grampian Police
Guernsey Police
Jersey Police
London Metropolitan Police
Lothian and Borders Police
Northumbria Police
Police Service of Northern Ireland
Royal Military Police
South Wales Police
St Helena Police
Staffordshire Police
Strathclyde Police
Thames Valley Police
West Mercia Police
West Yorkshire and Humberside Police.