CCTV Replay.

Decode, copy and distribute CCTV footage forensically in to universal file formats using industry leading CC replay and conversion tools.
CCTV systems often supply footage that will only play within it’s own player (or worse, it WONT play). This can make viewing copying and distribution difficult and time consuming.

We supply the very best universal players and forensic conversion programs to turn footage into universally friendly files that will play in Windows Media Player or can be put onto a domestic DVD that will play on any domestic DVD player.

Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video forensics software, acclaimed for its reliability and workflow efficiency.

AMPED Replay®

Amped Replay is an enhanced video player that allows investigators, frontline officers, first responders, security personnel and CCTV operators to conduct a quick first-level analysis of their videos, with easy conversion, quick corrections, redaction, and annotation functions, as well as a report, ideal for case building and disclosure.

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Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video forensics software, acclaimed for its reliability and workflow efficiency.


Amped DVRConv is the easiest way to automatically batch convert unplayable video files. Videos from proprietary CCTV/DVR systems, dashcams, body worn cameras, and any other video source can now be converted without effort. With Amped DVRConv, you just drag, drop, and you’re done.

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Omnivore is specifically designed for the purpose of forensic video acquisition. Omnivore is a password-protected 64GB USB flash drive that contains specialised capture software that simplifies forensic video and image acquisition for all levels of users.

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CCTV DVR replay software

There are many ways to skin a cat, and many products that have different strengths. While some products will allow officers to view footage easily, they can leave a gap in the audit trail, only ever allowing evidence to be authenticated back to ‘the original’ conversion.

This is fine for viewing, or triage, but anyone chasing ISO 17025 accreditation should be able to demonstrate their processing of the original file using an end to end audit trail and we’ll be happy to show you how.

Universal replay software can be installed onto any modern PC with no specialist hardware.

We also offer CCTV video conversion services.

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