Omnivore is specifically designed hardware for the purpose of forensic video acquisition. Omnivore is a password-protected 64GB USB flash drive that contains specialised capture software that simplifies forensic video and image acquisition for all levels of users.
Omnivore - Ocean Systems

OMNIVORE® - Forensic Video Processing & Screen Capture in one Portable Solution

Omnivore is no longer only for forensically sound screen capture. You now get both digital media processing and forensically sound screen capture in one portable solution that can be moved between systems without the need to install and license it.

You choose which method(s) of processing is best for the given situation. View and process native digital media files, not captured with Omnivore, and export them in various ways. I-Frames only, Images, AVI, etc. And get reports. You can even batch process files using multiple output settings in one process.

That’s right. FFmpeg to go, and without installation as you move between systems. And we provide a FFMPG report/log.

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Product Features

The active audio sync is a first of its kind, designed specifically to help investigators capture and process low frame rate video with associated audio.

Your video and audio remain in-sync and play back at the proper speed, even with a low frame rate and variable frame rate videos.

Futher Information

Once captured, the uncompressed copy of the video can be instantly viewed using the Omnivore™ Viewer, which is freely distributable and requires no installation to operate. The viewer also allows you to export to common uncompressed video and image formats, so you can do future clarification and analysis or you can export to compressed distribution formats for courts.

Information Sheet: Download (PDF) 

Software Developer: Ocean Systems

Software Compatability: Windows 7/8/10

Product Type: CCTV Replay Hardware

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Interested in an Omnivore®?

Best Evidence Technology are an official UK Distributor for Ocean Systems, Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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