Covid 19 – Company Update.

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Date Published: July 27, 2021

Looking forward to (hopefully) Post Covid working.

I’m not going to lie, Covid has been hard for our Redaction service arm. Obviously all our pubs, clubs and coffee shops have not had many subject access requests or staff incidents and at our worst we ran at less than 10% of normal workload!

Michael Hartshorne – Company Director

Surprisingly I’m going to compliment this government as the furlough scheme and grants have made a significant difference so we have been able to retain and pay in full, all staff which is something I personally am very happy about!

We’ve invested in some new Redaction technology that helps enormously with redacting bodycam footage and really busy CCTV scenes. And we’ve done some very successful testing ready for one of our existing customers who needs to redact over 7 Million images.

We’ve also taken some more GDPR training and used the quiet time to increase our cybersecurity level and review some procedures. We’re looking forward to a return to the office on Mon 2nd of August but with some hybrid working remaining for environmental reasons.

As the world opens up and the public start requesting more Subject Access Requests we’ll be better placed than before Covid to mask, pixelate and redact images and videos securely. The new equipment means we can now Redact PDF documents, and large audio streams by searching for words and phrases and redacting them with a beep, or mute.

All with the trusted, peer reviewed forensic processes you expect from the number 1 supplier of CCTV and image redaction services in the UK.

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