Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Facial Recognition.

Date Published: December 07, 2020

There’s been a rise recently in companies offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) Face Detection. Here we talk to our MD, Michael Hartshorne about his views on why he thinks the human eye wins hands down.

“Often with these systems the onus is on the customer to convert the file and upload it to a server, which could be hosted anywhere. The AI attempts the masking and then it’s sent back to the customer to check and adjust. That’s very involved work and there is a risk that the customer may miss something a trained expert wouldn’t.

I’m sure these systems have their place but, in my view, in this kind of industry robots can’t compete with the human eye. An algorithm won’t always pick up things that may identify someone who needs to be fully masked. The system may pick his or her face up in order to mask it, but it may not pick up say a tattoo on their shoulder or back, which for me is one of the examples of where the system may fall down.

At Best Evidence Technology, we don’t have that risk, every piece of masking we carry out, is done by one of our trained experts and then peer reviewed by a colleague which eliminates that risk of something slipping through.

Micheal Hartshorne – Founder, Best Evidence Technology

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