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For digital forensic experts to exploit the data behind digital images. Allowing analysis of image integrity, authenticity, metadata, source and history, and detection of tampering prior to its use as intelligence and evidence.
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Amped Authenticate® - Image Ballistics Software

Amped Authenticate is the leading forensic software for unveiling the processing history of a digital image.

Provided is a suite of powerful tools to determine whether an image is an unaltered original, an original generated by a specific device, or the result of manipulation using a photo editing software, making its admissibility as evidence questionable.

Amped Authenticate is used by digital forensic experts and intelligence agencies worldwide. Amped Authenticate has been built into an easy-to-use, yet amazingly powerful interface to help investigators answer the many questions of authenticity and integrity surrounding today’s digital images.

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Product Features

Authenticate is a collection of the most useful, real-world-application authentication filters and techniques identified by image analysts, based on hundreds of scientific papers and studies.

  • Market Leading Software

Amped partners with universities and research groups to remain constantly up to date with scientific achievements

  • Lighning Fast

Amped Authenticate’s Batch Processing applies all filters to all images in a set with brief and readable reporting.

  • Clear Resuts

Image ballistic tools allow you to verify which camera was used to shoot a photo, even if the image has been scaled, cropped or re-saved.

  • Powerful Features

Amped Authenticate provides more than 40 tools and filters with customisation and optional post-processing parameters.

  • Comparison Tools

Compare the results of two images side by side to understand where and how an image has been modified.

  • Flexible & Affordable

Amped Authenticate is a single solution and does not require additional plug-ins, third-party software or special expensive hardware.

Futher Information

As opposed to other solutions that provide only one, or just a few tools for authenticating images, Amped Authenticate puts the power of multiple scientific tools, procedures, and reporting, in one software package to improve the user’s ability to detect tampered images or determine originality.

All tools available in Amped Authenticate are based on peer reviewed scientific papers, each performing a different test on the structure of an image and how it was created.

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Software Developer: Amped Software

Software Compatability: Windows 7/8/10, 32 & 64 bit

Product Type: CCTV Replay Software

Product Videos

Video: Amped Authenticate: The Smart Report
Video: Amped Authenticate – Update 11362

Product Images

Link photographs to a specific camera:
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Detect tampered areas in images:
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Best Evidence Technology are an official UK Distributor for Amped Software, Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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