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“Did you know that 20% of UK police forces already use Ikena?”

New features suggested by our UK police users have made Ikena even better at enhancing CCTV, mobile phone videos and digital video.

Ikena can enhance whole video clips, adding information from neighbouring images to create images far clearer than before. This is a completely new, mathematical reconstruction of the picture which even allows enhancement of moving objects or handheld footage without blurring.

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Best Evidence Technology is the UK’s premier reseller of Ikena, with certified product training and demo equipment.

Ikena wins video enhancement challenge on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show

Best Evidence Technology enhanced a mobile phone video on the The Gadget Show using Ikena, for a feature called ‘Where in the world is John Bentley?’ After our processing, presenter Ortis successfully read the sign in the background which was crucial to winning the task!
The demanding task of masking or highlighting someone’s identity is now much easier and lightening fast.

Ikena’s tracking algorithms will follow your moving object for you. Capable of staying ‘locked on’ even when the object moves in different directions or is occluded by foreground.

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