CCTV masking software – making your footage safe and legal

With the rising number of data protection requests many CCTV owners wish to obscure 3rd parties or certain areas on any video clip they release to the public.

With our advanced equipment and expert techniques you can be sure that your finished footage is made 100% safe. See below for examples.

Best Evidence Technology also offers a complete Video Masking Service

CCTV masking software options

We supply three different programs to mask and highlight video clips. Each has its own strengths for example, masking HD footage, masking CCTV or masking handheld surveillance footage. Call us to find out which product suits you best.

Watch our video below, to see an example of a pixelated mask with automatic tracking following the movement of the head.

For more advice on which CCTV masking software is right for your footage, call us on 01312 722721.

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"The Vice Principal has asked me to e-mail you to say thank you for the DVD with data protection video masking; it’s just what she wanted."
A Kent Academy