UAV and drone footage enhanced

Ikena ISR is used by the US Navy and Air force to enhance the video from uav’s and drones while they fly.

Ikena can enhance and stabilise live feeds from unmanned aerial vehicles and drones with no delay.

By adding information from neighbouring images Ikena ISR creates footage far clearer than any previous point in the clip. Eliminating turbulence – shake and enhancing detail. Dynamic contrast enhancement can help to see through misty footage and live motion estimation features suppress sensor noise from dark, image intensified, or thermal images.

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 Optimised for High-Speed Processing


MotionDSP’s Ikena ISR software for Windows has been optimised to leverage multi-core Intel CPUs and/or NVIDIA graphics processors (GPUs) for incredibly high-speed video processing.

Ikena ISR’s patented algorithms provide the fastest, highest-quality super-resolution and stabilisation results.


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