In compliance with subject access requests, camera owners must consider getting their CCTV footage masked for data protection reasons.

This situation can often bring with it stress and confusion – how, where and when can my footage be masked? And by who? Best Evidence Technology has put together a simple five point guide to take the worry out of video masking.

CCTV Masking – Five Easy Steps


1. Make the call

Take the first step and give Best Evidence Technology a ring. Discuss with our experienced staff the requirements of the job and the likely outcomes.

2. Send us your video

Send us a copy of the footage for a quotation detailing costs. Include instructions of what the data requestor looks like (clothing is best) and /or what they are doing in the footage.

3. We’ll convert any format

Best Evidence Technology will convert any CCTV format into a usable standard.

4. Creating the masks

We will then use the latest technology and apply the masks as you’ve instructed. The finished footage is usually authored to DVD in the format that plays in a standard DVD player – so the data requestor can watch it on their TV. This avoids problems if their PC doesn’t play certain types of file.

5. Receive your professionally masked footage

Best Evidence Technology will return your footage with the finished DVD. Once you’ve confirmed satisfaction, our files are digitally shredded and an invoice is sent.

Professional, safe and stress-free – Best Evidence Technology takes the hassle out of video masking. For more information about subject access requests and video masking click here, or give us a call on +44 (0) 1312 722721